Code Challenge Recruitment

Pipelining Black Talent Straight to the Interview

We know that the interviewing process can be frustrating. So we wanted to make it easier for you by providing a straight forward path to getting in the door.

As engineers, we've all had the frustration of feeling like we're more talented than people think we are based on our years of experience. This causes bottle necks in your job search as some just don't feel like your qualified. On the opposite spectrum, you've got years but just not enough in the language they want. Well, WBB is cutting the fat out and getting straight to the code for you.

We've partnered with Foursquare and Flatiron Health to provide you with these code challenges. Send in your solution, and if you impressed the company with your skills, they'll pull you into the interview.


To get access to these exclusive challanges, please make a Gitlab account, and then email with the subject as "Code Challenge Applicant". Be sure to include your Gitlab username in the email so we can invite you to the repository.