Ingenious Thought

A Quest to Eradicate Recidivism

Ingenious Thought is a career and technical education program which aims to decrease the recidivism of disconnected youth. By providing technical education to these youth, we will re-engage them into the world of learning, empower them with a viable career trajectory, and imbue their entrepreneurial drive.

The program consists of 12 weeks of technical and career readiness training which re-engages disconnected youth between ages 16-21 through the learning of software development skills. There are three pillars to Ingenious Thought: fostering a learning environment founded on cooperation and respect for self and others; introducing the careers and skills behind the technologies that youth value most; and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset. With these three pillars, Ingenious Thought helps youth develop both the hard and soft skills needed to succeed in the tech industry.

Here is what students should expect to have upon completion of the program:
  • A solid grasp on the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • A finished website for their portfolio live on the interview.
  • A laptop to call their own and continue honing their craft with.
  • A community of engineers just like them always willing to help.