Black Women In Tech Conference

Addressing The Gap Within The Gap

We Build Black's Black Women in Tech Conference is a place where women of color converge at every level of technical expertise to celebrate, engage, and learn together.

We knew that being Black in tech had a level of difficulty to it but being a Black woman in tech was entirely different struggle. So WBB set out to shine a light on these talented women and give them a safe space. Through hard work, our dedicated volunteers, and some help from our awesome sponsors we completed the mission. Low and behold on a rainy day in February 100+ women of color showed up. We shared stories, chowed down on some good food, learned from each other, and drank wine together.

The event sold out in just three days, had a front page article on Blacks In Technology, and featured a strong roster of successful women of color across the spectrum of disciplines. Click here to see videos recapping the panels and greatest moments.

Some objectives we set out when planning the conference:
  • Lift up the voices of women of color, both up and coming and those at the top of their fields, paving the way for a truly diverse, inclusive tech future for all.
  • Connect newcomers with professionals in focused learning sessions, where they'll have support and resources to launch ideas into projects and startups.
  • Afford opportunities for mentorship, networking and exchange of ideas with companies committed to cultivating an equitable tech industry.
  • Provide a safe, liberating space for women to engage each other in honest, meaningful discussions around their experiences at the intersections of race, gender and sexuality within the tech industry.